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Established in 2015 under the visionary leadership of Charles Sidarta, Oui The Label was born out of a deep passion for celebrating the modern woman's journey into matrimony. He embarked on a mission to redefine bridal fashion, infusing it with contemporary elegance, effortless simplicity and a touch of cool-girl sass.

In 2019, we welcomed Jennifer Karly into our family—a luminary in traditional bridal expertise. Her arrival sparked the birth of the second label, Chérie By Oui, introducing a new realm of romance, exquisite textures, and embellishments tailored for the hyper-feminine bride.

In 2021, we proudly opened the doors to Maison Oui, a boutique nestled in the heart of Melbourne CBD, now home to both our beloved brands.

At the core of our collections beats a commitment to duality—a delicate interplay of strength and softness, detail and simplicity, structure and fluidity. With each collection, we honour the diverse nature of love, embracing the unique journey of every bride with reverence and joy.

Crafted with love in Melbourne, Australia, our gowns transcend mere garments; they are embodiments of dreams, poised to accompany you on the most beautiful journey of your life.

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More about Charles, through Jen's perspective
Let me tell you about Charles, the creative force behind Oui The Label and director of Maison Oui. What drew me to working with him was not just his creative talent, but the genuine respect and admiration he holds for women, inspired by his own mother.

Charles's deep appreciation for women in business stems from his upbringing, where his mother was a constant source of inspiration. She was a businesswoman, a strong and determined figure who never failed to show up for him and his brothers at home.

What struck me most about Charles is his unwavering support for women's personal lives alongside their professional endeavours. When I shared my plans for starting a family, he was incredibly accommodating and understanding. In fact, we opened the doors to Maison Oui whilst I was 8-months pregnant.

It's heartwarming to see how Charles's values translate into the ethos of Maison Oui. Our spacious fitting rooms are designed to be personal retreat spaces for our brides to feel comfortable and at ease. Interestingly, they've also become a sanctuary for many of our brides and their guests with babies, allowing a safe space for breastfeeding while experiencing the magic of finding their dream gown.

In Charles, I found not just a talented director, but a compassionate and inclusive leader who truly celebrates and uplifts women in every aspect of life. His vision has made Maison Oui not just a bridal boutique, but a haven where every woman feels seen, supported, and empowered.

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More about Jen, through Charles' perspective:
Let me introduce you to Jen - she's not just talented; she's a force of nature. Jen's expertise in bridal fashion and her decade-long experience in the industry caught my attention, but it's her passion and brilliance in commercializing brands that truly make her stand out. Raised in a family of entrepreneurs, Jen has entrepreneurship coursing through her veins. This background instilled in her a strong work ethic and a keen understanding of what it takes to grow a successful brand.

Together, we launched our second brand, Chérie by Oui in 2020. But beyond her professional prowess, Jen's love for bridal shines through in every aspect of her work. With an unwavering dedication to the bridal industry, Jen plays a pivotal role in Maison Oui, helping me bring my vision to life and creating unforgettable experiences for our brides. Her infectious enthusiasm and creative spirit make her invaluable and Maison Oui wouldn't be the same without her.