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Find the signature scent for your special day...

On your wedding day, you worry so much about how the wedding will look, how the food will taste, how the music will sound and how the night will feel dancing into the morning. But how many of us will forget to consider the scent of our special day?
Finding your dream fragrance allows you to capture the moment of your wedding in a whole new way. A single smell can transport you to an exact moment in time, tickling that sense of nostalgia and allowing you to bottle up the memories of your day into a beautiful glass container. 

So how do you decide which scent to assign to such a special occasion? It must be true to you, but stand apart from your everyday fragrances. Can’t decide between scents? There might be one that incorporates all the elements you desire. Journey through collections to find beautifully layered scents that offer a first glance note which fades into a secondary fragrance to allow you a combination scent. 

It’s your day, you want to look spectacular, so you may as well smell spectacular too. Choose from Goldfield and Banks range of perfumes perfect for your special day.

Perfume bottles on table

Location wedding? Island Lush is your go to. With its woody scent and hints of spices you are transported to a place far away with the love of your life. Pair this gorgeous scent with our Iris dress - with its low back, cowl front neckline and flared base.

Dreaming about your honeymoon? Pacific Rock Moss makes you feel like you’re already there. Sitting by the beach, wind in your hair, sand in your toes, completely relaxed. The same feeling you’ll get when you smell this scent. And why not feel like you're in the movies, running on the sand with your loved one in our Eden dress.

Want something new? Ingenious Ginger is the one for you. The newest addition to the company’s ‘Native Collection’, this scent is a tribute to their founder’s favourite tropical flower. Just as much love that has gone into your wedding, has gone into this scent. Not to mention pairing it with our Hyacinth dress with the sleeves.

Dresses paired with perfumes

Looking forward to your first dance under the beautiful sunset sky? Why not have the scent to match - Sunset Hour is your number one choice. Dance and sparkle underneath the sky in our Atlas dress with its fitted waist-panel and supportive sleeves.

Adore your bouquet? Choose Purple Suede. Its floral scents pair beautifully with your flower selection - did we mention that lavender represents devotion and affection?! What’s better than having a flower that pairs with the values of your wedding day. Could it be our Bebe dress?! 

Dresses paired with perfumes

Worried you’re going to pick the wrong scent for your special day? Why not test a variety of scents with their Discovery Sample Collection

Want to chat further about finding the perfect scent for your special day? Come into the Masion Oui wedding dress boutique in Melbourne to chat more about every little wedding detail that makes a BIG difference. Plus, find both modern and traditional  wedding dresses with fit and flare styles, off the shoulder looks and a variety of designs to cater to your every need.