• Real Wedding
Allegra and Stanley

It was a friendship set on fire. The true definition of ‘I married my best friend’.

Although we both came to Melbourne and had been going to the same church since 2012, it wasn’t until one fateful Friday night in 2016 where we properly met at a small church gathering Stanley hosted at his apartment.

Since then, we’ve learnt everything there is to know about each other.

Throughout the years, we’ve loved hanging out, trying different bars around Melbourne and going on road trips, making us dear friends. Despite this blossoming friendship, it took us several years and significant others before we could see that the “one” was right there the whole time and we truly belonged together.

Our story is a slow burn, but we couldn’t be happier!

Allegra and Stanley

We were on a ski trip with our friends and Stanley said we should wake up early and see the sunrise. As a person who has never seen a sunrise on top of a snowy mountain, I was super excited. 

Little did I know he was about to get down on one knee and pop the question! 

Allegra and Stanley

Oh, it was perfect! Everything was exactly how we had imagined a perfect wedding would be. A relaxed, modern, simple wedding.

It was a sunny day, 21℃, the perfect combination of sunlight and a cool breeze.

Everyone we loved was there. Our 90 guests consisted of our beautiful family, and friends, some even coming from far away just to be with us.

We were also very much ahead of our schedule that day (thanks to all of our vendors and friends who were SO organized), meaning we had a lot of time to mingle and have a proper conversation with our guests.

Oh, I would also like to mention the sunset! It was unreal, like nothing I’d ever seen. A gradient of oranges across the city skyline. A truly picture-perfect scene.

The best day of our lives.

Allegra and Stanley

I always believe that less is more, and my Phoenix dress was exactly that.

I loved the overall silhouette of the dress and how the fabric fell, complimenting my body shape perfectly. It didn’t feel heavy and it was so comfortable. Did I mention…it had pockets! Love me a functional, pretty dress.

Pairing the dress with earrings and a necklace from my mom made it undeniably the best outfit I’ve ever worn, not to mention the millions of compliments I received wearing it on the day.


Hello Stanley,

In a world of clichéd vows sourced online and inspired by TikTok, even ChatGPT couldn't quite capture our essence without sounding too cheesy. I love us—for our authenticity, the absence of over-dramatics. We laugh, make fun, yet always end the day with 'I love you.' Long before today, hanging out with you was pure bliss. You're not just a great lover; you're my best friend. So, no promises of perpetual sunshine or calm waves. Just a vow to be your best friend through victories and losses, and to love you more each day. Excited for the journey ahead, let's see what God has in store for us.

Hi Allegra,

Here we stand, surrounded by family. From friends to lovers over 7 years, our journey has been simple yet rich. I promise to love you more each day, to be a devoted partner, a loving parent, and the head of our family. Our foundation is in God, and I aspire that our marriage reflects His presence. I cherish what we have and commit to facing life's highs and lows together, for eternity.

Allegra and Stanley

Venue: Studley Grounds
Hair and Makeup: Marlene Neysa
Bridesmaid’s & Family Hair and Makeup: Stephanie Cahyadi and Stella Agustine
Photographer/Videographer: Juliette Murray from Love by Colour Captured
Event Stylist and/or Florist: Melbourne Event Florals & Flowerhead Events
Table Cloth: Cloth & Confetti
Signage: State of Elliott
Engagement Ring: Janai
Wedding Rings: Janai
Groom's Outfit: Benjamin Barker
Cake: Katielous Cakes
Musician: Tom Scriven