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Bridal Beyond Expectation. And Then Some.

We design and create our own brands, each cherished as a unique label with its own distinct character — always with the welfare of people and the planet at heart.

As a collective, our brands have a few things in common…


The Crème de la Crème of Fabrics

When it comes to fabrics and materials, we settle for nothing but the best. Partnering with premier mills in Japan, China, India, Italy, and France, we handpick fabrics renowned for their drape, feel, and function. Exceptional materials are our forte — the secret to wedding dresses that feel luxurious on the body, hugging in all the right places and exuding effortless elegance.

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Prioritising Style Over Trends

We're obsessed with perfecting fit, proportion, and silhouette to create a bridal look you'll adore for a lifetime. Think perfected necklines, and the strategic placement of hidden seams to mould to the body in all the right places. 

Elevated yet effortless styles that mirror your distinctive character, our designs are crafted to transcend seasons and surpass fleeting fads. Every detail is carefully considered by our innovative design team. If it's not absolutely perfect, it simply doesn't make the cut.


Commitment to Sustainability

We recognise the complexities of the bridal fashion industry as a business, understanding that achieving 100% sustainability is a lofty goal. However, our commitment to environmental stewardship stays strong.

Every piece is made specifically for the bride, producing only what is needed and significantly reducing our environmental impact. We are passionate about ensuring every piece is loved and has a purpose.

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In-House Artistry

Our gowns are handcrafted with love in Melbourne, Australia. We meticulously craft each piece and celebrate local talent. As we grow, our dedication to ethical production remains unwavering. Sienricher, our newest brand, is proudly made in Indonesia by our talented Indonesian team, marking the beginning of our journey to expand with authenticity and heart.