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Australian Fashion Week (AFW) for 2024 has wrapped up in Sydney, unveiling a captivating array of upcoming trends in the realm of fashion. So let's break down some of the highlights for this season… Which designs caught your eye? 

If you’re looking to incorporate these trends into your own wedding ensemble, allow us to inspire and introduce you to our stunning array of dresses and accessories from Oui The Label, Cherie By Oui and Sienricher. 


sheer look

Sheer, and embellished fabrics were definitely recurring themes at AFW.  They brought a touch of shimmer, texture and intricacy to garments. 

soho dress

Cherie by Oui’s Soho dress and Empire dress perfectly blend together a harmonious fusion of sparkle and shine that effortlessly capture the light in every angle. Both dresses are adorned with delicate embellishments that glisten with every movement. 

Bebe dress

If you're looking for a dress with sheer accents, our Bebe dress is a must-try. It's ideal for brides wanting to show some skin in a sophisticated way. Alternatively, for those seeking just a touch of sheerness, our Chantilly sleeves by Oui The Label are the perfect solution. These sleeves allow brides to customise their look for just the right amount of modesty and style. 


chunky gold

The accessories showcased at AFW were dedicated to crafting bold statements through attention-grabbing pieces. Chunky silver and gold necklaces, earrings and gloves were seen in most designs. And pearls? They were everywhere! 

aura earrings

If you're searching for that perfect accessory to add a touch of glamour to your bridal ensemble, look no further than Oui The Label. Our Aura and Cher earrings are designed to elevate a simple and chic dress, infusing it with elegance and sophistication. 

perla sleeves

On the other hand, if pearls are more your style, our Perla sleeves and Perla veil are the perfect finishing touch to complete your bridal look with timeless charm.

Silhouettes and Shapes 


We couldn't help but notice some recurring silhouettes and shapes both on the runway and on the streets of Sydney during fashion week. Draping and layering were key focal points in many garment designs, adding depth and dimension. Our J’adore dress by Oui The Label embodies this trend perfectly. 

macpherson dress

Bubble skirts and drop waists also made a strong impression, infusing a playful twist into classic silhouettes. If you're seeking to elevate your bridal ensemble, our Macpherson dress by Sienricher is the ideal choice to effortlessly add volume and movement.

Femme dress

The shape of the neckline—whether off-shoulder, high-neck, or asymmetrical—proved to be powerful tools in transforming the mood of each outfit on the runway. Maison Oui houses a variety of bridal gowns and minis each featuring distinct necklines. Our Femme dress features a 90’s one shoulder structure and is perfect for brides who want a bit of edge. 

Whether you were drawn to the classic fabrics and silhouettes or the avant-garde statement pieces, Maison Oui promises something to complement every individual taste. Book an appointment today and let us help bring your vision to life!

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Tayah, Maison Oui xx 

AFW Images: Sourced from Sitchu, Elle, Vogue, Broadsheet and Style Magazines
Dresses: Oui The Label, Chérie by Oui, and Sienricher